Proven leadership, trusted leader

Proven Community Leader:

  • Current Elected Official:

    • working to help find ways to improve our public education system,

    • Developing budget initiatives, key savings of $70,000 per year on energy costs

    • Lisa will bring this ability to work with legislators to build coalitions to improve the oversight, outreach and operations of the office of the Register of Wills.

    • successfully working to ensure students are provided with an excellent education

  • Executive Leadership & Management:

    • 25+ years developed accounting, finance & budget systems for non-profits, including internal controls, financial reports and oversight,

    • Lisa will bring her skills and experience to ensure the systems and operations of the office of the Register of Wills serve our community in a way that is compassionate and effective.

  • Fiduciary & Oversight:

    • Documented fraud cases that lead to prosecution of corporate embezzlers.

    •  Lisa’s background will help to ensure the oversight and diligence of the office of the Register of Wills is of the highest ethical and fiduciary caliber.

    • PA Top 50 Business Women, Volunteer of the Year Indian Valley YMCA and a national award winner for her business plans and strategic vision.

  • Community Leader:

    • created a local community group to help families providing gifts and meals.

    • Last year the “elves” delivered gifts to over 250 children.

    • Lisa will provide this same thoughtful and compassionate leadership to all who interact with the Register of Wills.

  • Volunteer:

    • raised over $10 million for organizations and provide analysis and support to ensure organizational excellence and success.

    • As the Register of Wills Lisa will provide the same effective organization leadership.

  • Advocate:

    • worked for 18 months to provide information to school board & community on renewable energy system during construction of 2 schools,

    • successfully arguing for inclusion and saving taxpayers $70,000 per year

    • Lisa will bring this type of thinking to the Register of Wills office, looking for fiscally responsible ways to streamline and modernize the office.


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