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Welcome to the campaign

Proven Community Leader:

ü Current Elected Official:

o   successfully working to ensure students are provided with an excellent education

o   working to help find ways to improve our public education system,

o   Budget initiatives and guidance, fiscally responsible leadership

o   Lisa will bring this ability to work with legislators to build coalitions to improve the oversight, outreach and operations of the          office of the Register of Wills.

ü Executive Leadership & Management:

o   25+ years developed accounting, finance & budget systems for non-profits, including internal controls, financial reports                and oversight,

o   Lisa will bring her skills and experience to ensure the systems and operations of the office of the Register of Wills serve              our community in a way that is compassionate and effective.

ü Fiduciary & Oversight:

o   Documented fraud cases that lead to prosecution of corporate embezzlers.

o   Lisa’s background will help to ensure the oversight and diligence of the office of the Register of Wills is of the highest                  ethical and fiduciary caliber.

o   PA Top 50 Business Women, Volunteer of the Year Indian Valley YMCA and a national winner for her business plans and            strategic vision. 

ü Community Leader:

o   Created a local community group to help families providing gifts and meals.

o   Last year the “elves” delivered gifts to over 250 children.

o   Lisa will provide this same thoughtful and compassionate leadership to all who interact with the Register of Wills.

ü Volunteer:

o   Raised over $10 million for organizations and provide analysis and support to ensure organizational excellence and                    success.

o   As the Register of Wills Lisa will provide the same effective organization leadership.

ü Advocate:

o   Worked for 18 months to provide information to school board & community on renewable energy system during                            construction of 2 schools,

o   Successfully advocating for inclusion and saving taxpayers $70,000 per year

o   Lisa will bring this type of thinking to the Register of Wills office, looking for fiscally responsible ways to streamline and                modernize the office.

Dear friends & supporters,

The last few years have been so interesting for us all. Challenging. Disturbing. And amazing. I’ve seen family and friends become politically active and amazing activists become elected officials. Together we have ridden this blue wave and have done amazing work.

It has been an honor to be a part of this remarkable effort. Every day I see and hear another story of what groups are doing and it is very humbling. And it has made me ask myself if I could be doing more.

And the answer is yes, I think there is more I can do.

I’ve made a decision to run for Chester County Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphan Court.

There are three reasons, first, I believe my finance background and audit experience make me the candidate best qualified  to develop a plan to modernize and streamline the office and improve oversight. We need to make the probate system more efficient and easier to use. Second, I have seen firsthand the difficulties caused by the current guardianship process. We need to work with legislators, judges and attorneys to ensure guardianship is done more quickly and protections are in place to ensure we can provide the services needed for children and adults who require legal guardianship. And finally, I believe I can be a part of an amazing team at our county government.

For eight years I have been working to help our community. In 2015 I was elected to our school board and it has been an honor to serve. But I believe now I am called to serve in a new way and to move to this new challenge. That means taking this next step and running for Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphan Court.

Each and every one of you will be an integral part of this campaign. This is not about me winning an election, it is about us having the government we want. I hope I can count on your support. As you know, campaigns are hard. They require time and money and I will be asking you for both.

I hope to earn your support and your vote in the May Primary. And even more important, I hope to earn your trust and your belief that together we can do this important work.

In the coming days I will be getting our campaign structure in place and I hope I can count on you to join us. Thank you for all your support, it means everything to me.

Please like the campaign Facebook page to stay updated on the campaign, @VoteLongo and watch for the website to be updates,

All the best,


Register of Wills
What is the role of the Register of Wills? According to the Chester County Register of Wills FAQ's:
The Register of Wills probates wills and appoints estate representatives for decedents who die with or without a will. Regardless of where the death occurred, the decedent MUST have been a legal resident of Chester County at the time of death. The Register of Wills also serves as an agent for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for filing and payment of inheritance taxes.

Clerk of the Orphan's Court
The role of the clerk of the Orphan's Court is to administer and oversee the guardianship process for both minor children and incapacitated adults.
The office needs to ensure there is proper oversight and that every person under a legal guardianship is ensured they are being cared for and treated fairly, with dignity and respect and they are not being taken advantage of.
Inheritance Taxes
An area where Lisa believes we can modernize has to do with the filing of Inheritance tax returns and collection of taxes. Her background in systems design and developing internal controls will be essential to designing upgrades and having them approved and implemented.


Marriage License
Marriage equality is the law, the role of the office is to provide those who come for their license to be treated with respect and dignity.


Questions? Please send them here


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